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The Sense Behind Sance It

The name ‘Sance It’ is a combination of the words ‘sense’ and ‘scent’. The idea came naturally to us when we started to spend more time at home. We began to realise the importance of having a comfortable living space. One that’s tidy and aesthetically pleasing would give us positive vibes.

Scent plays an equally essential role as well – though it may be noticeable to many people due to its subtlety.

We see scent as an ‘invisible decoration’ that completes a beautiful space and works magic in elevating our mood and mind. 

After all, a nice space is not just one that’s visually appealing, but also one that smells good.


The Science Behind Our Sense Of Smell

Our sense of smell actually works in the opposite direction of our other senses. 

With sight, sound and taste, we identify the information first and then react emotionally to it. However, our sense of smell triggers an emotional reaction first before we begin to identify the scent shortly after. Our sense of smell is more closely related to our feelings than many might think.

With Sance It, we want people to be able to feel relaxed, invigorated, or inspired, whichever they feel like feeling at the moment, in any space that they’re in.

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