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How To Eliminate Smells From Bathroom? 

1. Clean the bathroom regularly 🚿
Have a regular cleaning routine is essential for keeping your toilet smelling fresh. Wipe off sink, wipe down the toilet, clean the shower and mop the floor weekly for the most efficient cleaning routine.

2. Remember to wash the towels 🧺
Bad smells in the bathroom could come from dirty or musty towels. It is recommended to wash your towels at least every 3-4 uses. When you are not using the towels, hang them up so they can thoroughly dry.

3. Ensure consistent airflow 💨
Poor airflow or ventilation in the bathroom could result in trapped odors, making the bathroom smell bad. You can keep the window cracked to allow good airflow. An alternative is to install an exhaust fan.

4. Place baking soda in bathroom 🚽
Baking soda is a popular and affordable option to remove odor and keep the bathroom fresh. It can absorb odors and also deodorizes the bathroom, great for a windowless bathroom. Simply place baking soda in an open container in the bathroom. 

5. Use home fragrance to stay fresh
Add a pleasant scent so that your bathroom smell good all the time. Opt for a reed diffuser as it lasts a long time, and doesn't require flame or electricity to bring fantastic scents into your bathroom all-day long.


✨ Sance It reed diffusers come in fresh, clean scents designed for keeping your bathroom smelling good 24 hours a day

Safe with no flame
No electricity needed

Long-lasting up to 60 days
Touch of elegance to your home
Pleasant Scents For Any Space

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Make Your Bathroom Smell Fresh With Sance It Reed Diffusers 

Our reed diffusers come in refreshing scents that last long up to 60 days. Simply place it in your bathroom and make your bathroom smelling like hotel lobby all-day long! 



The name ‘Sance It’ is a combination of the words ‘sense’ and ‘scent’. The idea came naturally to us when we started to spend more time at home. We began to realise the importance of having a comfortable living space. One that’s tidy and aesthetically pleasing would give us positive vibes.

Scent plays an equally essential role as well – though it may be noticeable to many people due to its subtlety.

After all, a nice space is not just one that’s visually appealing, but also one that smells good.


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