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How To Sleep Better At Night?

1. Create a bedtime routine ðŸ§˜‍♀️
Do something relaxing such as taking a warm shower or bath, reading a book or writing in a journal, to help prepare your mind for sleep. Having a relaxing bedtime routine will help your body to recognize that it’s time for bed. 

2. Limit caffeine and nicotine â˜•
Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine close to your bedtime. Stay away from coffee or tea 6-8 hours before bedtime. Similarly, avoid smoking before you go to sleep, as it is another stimulant that could disrupt your sleep.

3. Get enough exercise during the day 🤾
Regular exercise helps you to have good quality sleep. Even light exercise such as walking or biking can significantly improve your nighttime sleep quality.

4. Avoid screen time before sleep ðŸ“±
The blue light emitted from the phone, tablet, computer or television is especially disruptive to your sleep quality. Stay away from bright screens within 1-2 hours of your bedtime.

5. Improve your sleep environment ðŸ›ŒðŸ»
Having a pleasant sleep environment is important for a good night's sleep. Get comfortable mattress and pillows, use home fragrances such as a reed diffuser to get you into a relaxed state before bedtime. Some other helpful tips include using an eye mask, installing blackout curtains and keep the bedroom temperature cool.


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Get Sleep-Ready With Sance It Reed Diffusers 

Our reed diffusers come in relaxing scents that are subtle yet long-lasting. Simply place it in your bedroom and let the soothing scents bring you to dreamland in no time! 



The name ‘Sance It’ is a combination of the words ‘sense’ and ‘scent’. The idea came naturally to us when we started to spend more time at home. We began to realise the importance of having a comfortable living space. One that’s tidy and aesthetically pleasing would give us positive vibes.

Scent plays an equally essential role as well – though it may be noticeable to many people due to its subtlety.

After all, a nice space is not just one that’s visually appealing, but also one that smells good.


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