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Love Scented Candles? You Will Love Reed Diffusers Too

Love Scented Candles? You Will Love Reed Diffusers Too

Love to be surrounded by pleasant scents whenever you are at home? Scented candles are a popular way to set the mood and make your home smell great. But besides candles, there are also many home fragrance options available, such as reed diffusers. If you enjoy having a home that smells amazing all the time, why not give reed diffusers a try? Keep scrolling to find out more about reed diffusers and how they differ from scented candles.

But first, what is a reed diffuser?


Unlike candles or incense, reed diffusers require no heat or flame to function. A reed diffuser uses reeds to draw fragrance oils up and then gently releases the fragrance into the atmosphere all-day long for a long period of time. The fragrance oils typically come in glass bottles, which the reeds sit in, for you to place and enjoy throughout your home. Reed diffusers are great options for long-lasting scents in your home all day and are also safe to be used with children, as long as they are out of reach.

How long does a home fragrance last?


A scented tea light usually burns up to 6 hours, while reed diffusers are able to disperse fragrance continuously in your home once opened, for about 3-6 months depending on your usage. What’s more, a candle only disperses fragrance while you burn it and slightly after, while reed diffusers have a stronger scent because it’s omnipresent. Sance It reed diffusers come in 100ml of fragrance oil, which can continuously scent your home for up to 60 days.

How does a home fragrance complements your décor?


Candles come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colours and packaging that can complement your décor. On the other hand, reed diffusers can be placed just about anywhere in your home without the need to be watched like a candle. Reed diffusers can be placed in a closet or another enclosed space to keep your clothes and rooms smelling fresh and soothing. Low maintenance and come with endless placement possibilities, Sance It reed diffusers are also elegant additions to any home with minimalistic bottle designs.

How does a home fragrance boost the mood?


Candles work great in creating a celebratory ambiance in your home, such as candles for a romantic dinner, birthday celebrations and more. Unlike candles, reed diffusers do not require open flames, so you can leave a reed diffuser in your home and let it do the work for you to keep your home smelling great, even during the night. With signature scents that are suitable for any occasions, Sance It reed diffusers are designed for enhancing your mood by elevating your environment.

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Now that you have learned about the differences between reed diffusers and candles, why not give Sance It reed diffusers a try? With long-lasting fragrance, stylish design and soothing scents, you get the best of both worlds with our reed diffusers.

Sance It reed diffusers come in relaxing scents that are suitable for any home and anyone. What’s more, the fragrance of our reed diffusers can last up to 60 days, keeping your home smelling fresh and soothing for a much longer time. You can also enjoy complete peace of mind as you can leave our reed diffusers in any room you want and let them scent your home 24 hours a day, without the need to watch over them.



3 Ways to use Sance It reed diffuser:
✨Freshen your home or workspace
✨Aromatherapy to relax the mind
✨Improve the aesthetic appeal of any interior

Start using Sance It reed diffuser in 3 simple steps:
👉Remove the stopper
👉Place reeds inside the bottle
👉Smells good, feel good!

Even better, Sance It reed diffusers are available in bundle sets for a limited time - get a satin good sleep set or a Nordic organizer tray together with your favourite reed diffuser, at up to 50% OFF! Click to shop now! 👇


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