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7 Fun Things To Do This Valentine’s Besides Candlelit Dinner

7 Fun Things To Do This Valentine’s Besides Candlelit Dinner

February is fast approaching and it’s the time of the year for flowers, chocolates, candlelit dinner and perhaps some Netflix and chill.😉 But wait, you’ve already done that last year, the year before that, and also two years ago? 😅 If you are in need of some fresh new things to do during this year’s Valentine’s, you’ve come to the right place!

Here we have put together a list of fun things you can do as a couple during this lovey-dovey season in Malaysia, without compromising on the romantic atmosphere. From making your own terrarium of love to handcrafting your own couple rings, you will definitely find something that interests you and your partner!

1. 🌿 Terrarium Workshop by Mossarium Terrarium Malaysia

If you and your partner are nature lovers, consider getting your hands dirty and growing your love this Valentine’s at Mossarium Terrarium Malaysia. Combining terrarium, lifestyle and culture, Mossarium Terrarium Malaysia is a lifestyle store and cafe that conducts terrarium workshops regularly. Make your own terrarium together and bring home your labour of love.

Image via Mossarium Terrarium Malaysia

2. 🍵 Pottery Workshop by Beary Potter Studio

For those who love to get hands on, a pottery workshop at Beary Potter Studio will definitely make for an enjoyable and memorable experience with your partner. Beary Potter Studio conducts a wide range of pottery classes starting from entry level to advanced level. Learn to craft your masterpiece and revive romance in your relationship.

Image via Beary Potter Studio

3. 🍷 Sip & Paint Date Night by Art & Bonding

Looking for something more creative? Unleash your creativity while enjoying a glass of wine at a Sip & Paint Date Night with Art & Bonding. Work together on your painting with all materials provided - wine included! Founded in 2017, Art & Bonding offers a creative haven for everyone to express their creative selves through art and bonding with others in a positive environment.

Image via Art & Bonding

4. 🍰 Baking Workshop by ABC Cooking Studio

Nobody could say no to a beautiful and tasty cake handmade with love! Bake your way to that someone’s heart with a cake course at ABC Cooking Studio. With the basic course, you will learn how to bake a stunning cake in just 2 hours. Started in Japan in 1985, ABC Cooking Studio is a place providing cake, bread, cooking lessons and more for everyone to experience the joys of cooking and baking.

Image via ABC Cooking Studio

5. 💐 Floral Workshop by Hobby Florist KL

Gifting a bouquet of flowers during Valentine’s may be too conventional for some. If that’s the case, you might want to give a try to crafting your own unique floral arrangement at Hobby Florist KL! Hobby Florist KL provides step-by-step guidance from experienced floral designers in their floral workshops, helping you to create the special bouquet that truly expresses how you feel for your loved ones.

Image via Hobby Florist KL

6. 💍 Ring-making Workshop by Zo.craft

No matter if you are getting hitched or looking for new ways to renew your love for each other, this unique experience of crafting your own rings together in a ring-making workshop by Zo.craft will definitely be unforgettable. It only takes 2 to 3 hours to craft your pair of one and only rings with step-by-step instructions provided, while you strengthen the bond with your partner.

Image via Zo.craft

7. 🏠 Stay Home and Chill with Sance It

Feel like staying in for Valentine’s? Get warm and cozy at home with Sance It’s Reed Diffuser Gift Sets! Sance It is a home fragrance brand offering reed diffusers and scent cards to turn your home into a scented urban oasis. Set the mood for love with relaxing reed diffuser scents such as White Tea, Earl Grey, Rose & Oud and Bluebell. Choose your favourite scents from four Reed Diffuser Gift Sets and enjoy your perfect date night at home with your partner.

Want to make your home smell like love this Valentine’s? Head over to check out Sance It Reed Diffusers Gift Sets and enjoy up to 40% OFF + FREE Shipping to West Malaysia from Jan 15 - Feb 14, 2022!

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