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5 Steps To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

5 Steps To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! While you are busy online shopping for Christmas presents, don’t forget to deck the halls, amp up your living room decorations and settle on beautiful table settings - it’s in the details that your creativity and design aesthetic shine through. Even if you are celebrating this Christmas season virtually over zoom calls or FaceTime, having a beautifully-decorated home would certainly put you in the holiday mood instantly; plus, having an on-point Christmas backdrop while making video calls - what’s not to love about it?

Not sure which Christmas decoration idea to go with this festive season? No worries! Read on for 5 easy steps to create that Christmas vibe in your own home. From choosing a theme colour to tips for taking your rooms to the next level, follow these steps to bring Christmas cheer to every corner of your home and get into the Christmas mood instantly! πŸŽ„

Step 1: Pick a theme colour 

Image via HGTV

Make your Christmas decorations revolve around a thematic colour and you can easily create an aesthetically pleasing space in no time. If you have trouble picking a colour, try the classic Christmas colours of red and green. Pair red plates with green napkins and hang red ribbons on the Christmas tree; this colour combination brings the Christmas mood into your home instantly. For a trendy alternative, try white and silver colours to recreate a white Christmas right at your own home. Gold colour is also a chic option to make for eye-catching tableware especially.

Step 2: Decorate with festive lights, wreaths and stockings

Image via Unsplash

Stockings are the must-have pieces when it comes to Christmas decorations, but did you know why you are hanging up stockings during Christmas? According to tradition, a long, long time ago, three poor sisters left their stockings drying over the fireplace when the kindhearted Saint Nicholas threw three bags of gold coins down their chimney, in which the money landed in the sisters’ stockings. Ever since then, kids all over the world have been hanging up their stockings on Christmas Eve, hoping Santa Claus would fill them with presents.

Step 3: Get a Christmas tree

vinter-2021-decoration-handmade-christmas-tree-green.jpgImage via IKEA

No matter if you are getting an artificial Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree for a more authentic experience, the focal point of any living room this Christmas is the Christmas tree. Make your tree look twinkly and full of Christmas magic with ribbons, garlands, string beads and ornaments. You’re sure to wow anyone who sees your fascinating Christmas tree.

Step 4: Style your table for Christmas

Image via IKEA

Give your dinner table the festive sparkle and enjoy your feast in style with exquisite Christmas tableware and glassware. Try placing wreaths, pine cones, holly leaves and other floral decorations on the table for a magical decoration. Elevate your Christmas dining experience with a reed diffuser, creating a cozy and ambient atmosphere easily.

Step 5: Make it smell like Christmas

The easiest way to make your home smell like Christmas is to use a reed diffuser. Chill, unwind and relax with the gentle fragrance of a reed diffuser, while you celebrate the Christmas spirit. Place a reed diffuser of your favourite scent in your living room, bedroom, dining room and powder room for a soothing stay-at-home Christmas or a cozy gathering with your family. Shop reed diffusers and scent cards here.

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