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4 Tips To Stay Productive When Working From Home

4 Tips To Stay Productive When Working From Home

Ever since the pandemic started, working from home has become a norm for many people. No more beating the traffic jam to get to work; no more waiting for the lift at the office building during peak hours; no more down time getting food at work.

With so much time saved, you would have thought that you could complete more when working from home. But it’s not always the case - people have reportedly become less productive, less focused and take longer to complete their tasks when working from home.

If you are one of those people who struggle to get their work done in time working from home, or if you have seen productivity drops among your staff who are working from home, these 4 simple tips might help you to stay productive even when working from home.

1. Dedicated Work Space

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Unable to stay focused working from home? Get productive just like you are working at the office by dedicating a space for work at home! Find a room or a space in your home that is used only for working and nothing else.

If you eat where you work, or if you watch television where you work, it could confuse your subconscious mind and make you easily distracted when working from home. On that note, it is also important to avoid working near your bed, so that you don’t feel like lying down and napping while working!

2. Maintaining A Routine

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Although working from home saves you time commuting to and back from work, it doesn’t mean you should mess with your daily routine. In fact, keeping a daily routine is critical to maintaining well-being while working from home.

This means that you should try to stick to a sleep schedule, no matter how tempting it may be to stay up late at night since you can afford to wake up a little later now without having to travel to work. This is because we human beings are creatures of habit; make it a routine to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, so that you are at your optimal state when you start working at home.

3. Don’t Forget To Take Breaks

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It is important to stand up and move around when working from home every hour or so. While you may feel like you are in your zone, sitting and hunching at your computer for too long is not going to help with your productivity. Your body and mind need a recharge once in a while to perform at their best!

Take a few minutes of break every hour or so to stand, walk around, get water or pet your dog. It is also good to schedule in longer breaks a few times a day to interact with your partner, family or pet. By taking your mind off work for a bit, you can allow yourself to recharge and continue to be productive while working from home.

4. Use A Home Fragrance


Enhance your work space with home fragrances to stay productive while working from home. Opt for scents that are more subtle and not too strong, so that you don’t get distracted instead. A reed diffuser is recommended as it basically requires zero care - no flame, heat or electricity needed; simply place a bottle of reed diffuser and let it do its magic to help you focus at work.

Furthermore, the very act of using a home fragrance every time you work signifies the start of work and helps your mind to switch into work mode for better focus. Choose a home fragrance that is easy and safe to work with, such as a reed diffuser, so that you can get into your work clear-minded and hassle-free.

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Did you know that 75% of the emotions we feel every day are triggered by smells? That is why having an energizing home fragrance is important in creating a workspace at home where you can focus and stay productive.

If you are looking to improve productivity working from home with a home fragrance, look no further than Sance It reed diffusers. Safe to use, eco-friendly and most importantly, come in easily likeable scents that are subtle and not too strong, Sance It reed diffusers are just right for any home and anyone!



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