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4 Popular Types Of Home Fragrances And How To Best Use Them

4 Popular Types Of Home Fragrances And How To Best Use Them

Feel like your home is missing something to make it truly luxurious and elegant? You may want to look into using home fragrances. Home fragrances not only freshen up the air and lift the mood, they can also double as decorative items around the home, taking your home interior to the next level. Read on to learn the four common types of home fragrances and how to best use them.

1. Scented Candles

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Typically made with fragrant oils mixed into wax, scented candles give off pleasant aroma when burning. Scented candles are great for creating ambiance and can be placed anywhere around the home. However, they must be placed at a safe distance from young children and pets to prevent fire hazard. Wicks should be trimmed after use to prevent black smoke.

2. Reed Diffusers


Using porous, wooden reeds to draw fragrance oils and disperse pleasant scents, reed diffusers are a relatively convenient, long-lasting and low-maintenance home fragrance option. As no heat, flame or electricity is required to use a reed diffuser, you can place it anywhere in the home and let it make your home smell amazing all-day long. It is best used to scent smaller spaces as the scent is more subtle. Try Sance It reed diffusers!

3. Electric Diffusers

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As the name implies, electric diffusers are powered by electricity to aerolise the water and oils into a fine mist that diffuses fragrance into the air. Many electric diffusers allow you to change the level of fragrance that's emitted or set a timer to only diffuse at a time that suits you. They are perfect for filling a large room and are also safe for use through the night.

4. Room Sprays

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A more targeted home fragrance option, room sprays offer a fast fragrance fix to eliminate unpleasant odors or to keep things smelling good at just the right time. Designed to function as a perfume for the room, they are great for people with a lot of movement in the house, as they offer great mobility and flexible concentrations. It is recommended to use a room spray together with a longer-lasting home fragrance such as a reed diffuser, as the scent from a room spray dissipates after some time.

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Pleasant home fragrances not only make our home smell amazing, the nice smells are also helpful for the production of hormones like serotonin and dopamine in our body, boosting our mood and making us feel better about ourselves overall.

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