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How To Choose Scents For Home

How To Choose Scents For Home

Scents are an essential key to elevating your home. They are the perfect way to set the mood, and can be used in different rooms and settings to achieve desired results or functions. Are you using the right scents for each space in your home? Read on to find out the scents that are best used in the four integral rooms in your home.

1. Living Room


Floral-based scent notes are great for creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in the living room. No matter if you are unwinding on your own, or if you are having guests over for a merry gathering, the elegant and inviting floral scent notes are a perfect addition to your living room. For larger living rooms, you may want to consider using stronger notes so the scent can reach every corner of the room.

2. Bathroom


Use fruity or tea scent notes in the bathroom to keep it smelling fresh. Make your home spa time extra relaxing with a scented candle or a reed diffuser. If you want long-lasting fragrance and minimal maintenance, opt for reed diffusers as they require next to no care - simply place one in the bathroom and you can enjoy refreshing scents every time you step into your bathroom.

3. Bedroom


Relax and unwind with floral-based or woody scent notes in the bedroom. The soothing floral scent notes are perfect for creating a cozy environment for you to recharge after a long day. On the other hand, woody scent notes are also great for calming the mind and keeping the bedroom smelling fresh. Use a reed diffuser or an electric diffuser in the bedroom so that you can have peace of mind all night long without worrying about the risk of a fire hazard.

4. Home Office


If you spend considerable time working from home, you may want to get spicy-based scent notes for your workstation at home to help you with focusing and boosting your productivity. A home fragrance with a design element is also a great way to elevate your work desk. Alternatively, refreshing tea scent notes can also help you to feel more energized and lift your mood to get into your zone to work.

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Pleasant home fragrances not only make our home smell amazing, the nice smells are also helpful for the production of hormones like serotonin and dopamine in our body, boosting our mood and making us feel better about ourselves overall.

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